About me

About me

Being a Speech-Language Pathologist for almost 10 years, I have grown as a professional during a time of significant growth in educational technology.  iPads, Droids, Chromebooks, SmartBoards, it’s almost too much to keep up with sometimes.

Working in public schools in a variety of settings as well as in private practice in New York, I have had the absolute pleasure of guiding families and children to success.  Sometimes technology has been the tool that has helped, and sometimes it has been old-fashioned play!

I enjoy seeing my students light up at a new game, or getting their interest in a previously “boring” topic because it was presented via some sort of technology.  The use of these devices can be highly reinforcing and also help simplify our lives in education.

I am also painfully aware of how technology can be a babysitter and a distraction.  I am a parent too, so I get it.  That being said, I love speech and language therapy and the old school methods of playing and interacting that can bring the best out of the people with whom I work.

My hope is to present different tools and techniques that are friendly both to professionals and families.

Come along with me on a journey to the intersection between intervention and technology…