Another way to look at comprehension…

Another way to look at comprehension…

As educators, it is best practice to check in with all of our students for understanding of new and challenging concepts.

While there are a number of ways to do this verbally, we can use visual supports to augment what we are doing on a daily basis.

Visual supports can help some of our students who are:

  • shy or reticent; they might not want to share out with the class or small group
  • struggling learners who are unsure of their understanding
  • students who have expressive language challenges; they might not be able to verbalize a clear idea of what they understand

In these situations, we can use non-verbal means or visual supports to help our students show what they know

comp 1

This freebie bundle gives you a couple of options on using visual supports to help assess comprehension.

comp 2

This letter sized image can be posted in your classroom or therapy room for reference while in a lesson.

comp 3

This smaller sized image can be cut out and laminated and then attached to any or all student workspaces.

When working with groups you can ask students…

  • if they are “sunny?”
  • to point to where they are with understanding
  • to point or verbalize how they understanding has changed over the course of the lesson

Of course, this is not a tool to replace verbal check-ins with students, but another way of allowing our students to represent what they know from a lesson

If you like these visuals, be sure to go to my store and check out some other free and paid resources with visuals

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Visual Supports for Stuttering

Of course, check back here for other therapy ideas and technology tips!

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