One simple way to improve parent communication

One simple way to improve parent communication

Answer: “Nothing.”

Clue: The most common response to “What did you do at school today?”

Now, imagine you are a parent of a child with a disability. Communication skills might be challenging for these children and finding out about their day is even harder. With solid communication between teachers and parents, there can be a smooth transition of information (and more responses to questions about their day!)

What’s the answer? iCloud Photo Sharing.

Granted, there are other photo sharing options. The world runs on PC computers, but those same people are more than likely to use an iPhone or have an iPad and that’s where iCloud Photo Sharing comes in to save the day.

For example, I created a share folder between myself, the classroom teacher, and a child’s parent. We are able to upload pictures from the day to the shared folder and Mom can share pictures from the weekend. Instead of standing on our heads to get information from the child, we flip through pictures and have a natural interaction in talking about the fun parts of the weekend.

Not sure how to use iCloud Photo Sharing? Check out this link from Apple…

Similarly, Mom can see some of the work we have done and get a true account of what happened at school. No more “nothing,” no more “I don’t know,” just honest communication.

What’s more; iCloud Photo Sharing seemlessly works into other apps like Book Creator and Pictello.

Now, when creating a social story for my student, Mom can snap pictures of the bus, or the front door of their house, and presto- the story is ready to go. No emails with 1,000 attachments to download- just tap and create.

Of course, this requires a comfortable relationship between the parent and the team at school. Accounts should be specific to families and the teacher so that privacy can be respected. Of course, the sharing folder should be used for sharing all of the fun and positives about school days and weekends.

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