What’s your story?

What’s your story?

In New York, we are heading back to school this week. While summer is riding off into the sunset, it’s getting closer to sweaters and apples and all things fall and fun.

I am starting off with a lot of new Kindergartners this year, and have a pretty diverse caseload. While some of my youngsters have non-verbal or limited verbal abilities, I have other students with language delays and disabilities. When putting groups together, it can be a challenge to break the ice.

One thing that struck me this summer was my refrigerator. Yeah, I know, it was a really exciting summer that made me contemplate an appliance. But what other place in a home reflects the personality of a family.

We can ask students all kinds of questions about what they like, what they did this summer, the composition of their family, their favorite toys, etc… But there is one thing about a refrigerator. Remember when you were a kid? The glory of having a test put on the fridge, or seeing a masterpiece displayed. It was a quite a feeling.

While I am sure some families don’t display every piece of nostalgia particular to their family, there are likely some important items embedded on the fridge. Magnets from family trips, collectible items, etc… No matter what, these items tell a story in a way that an “All About Me” page does not.

On my fridge, I would talk about my children, my nieces, trips I have taken with my family, my children’s artwork, and some of the kitschy items my family has collected in our travels. I especially like the magnet that says “When all else fails, call Dad!” This item was given to my wife when we first moved in together- yikes!

Here is a blank copy of the page I will be using with a lot of my elementary students this year. If you are looking for something different to try this year, go to www.everythingislanguage.com or my TPT page and grab your freebie!

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Have a great start to your school year!

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