An app that I am using this week (6/12-6/16)

An app that I am using this week (6/12-6/16)

Let’s face an SLP reality: every student has a “WH” question goal. Alright, maybe not every student, but a lot of them do!

We can work through “WH” questions many ways, but one aspect that I think is necessary is understanding the nature of each question. This reference page from is right on. I love to keep a laminated version of this page on the table while working with my groups on “WH” questions.

Another way to work through “WH” questions is through some technology. There are a variety of apps for these questions, but I am absolutely LOVING this app from Teach Speech Apps.

WH” Questions is simple to use, gives you data, and has multiple levels to access for your students. There are a few teaching points that I love to highlight within this app. Let’s check it out.

From the launch page, you can see there are a few options to choose. While I don’t think each separate option works up in difficulty, there are certainly some options available to you when working with students.

The options page allows you to customize some aspects such as sounds and automatically making the pages go forward (not a bad option!). When you have students who can read, it’s great to either have the written words or not (depending on what you are trying to target).

Identify the picture that answers the WH question
For one of my students, we have been working in this level for weeks. There are multiple pictures, and have not seen many repeats over the weeks (which is important for some of my students who tend to memorize picture prompts!) Varied questions are seen as well, it’s not just a lot of “what” questions. At the end of each level, you get your data for 10 trials.

Answer the questions for the scene

In this level you have a picture scene and 2 questions about it. I love that it will speak the question aloud.

Additionally, there are full sentence responses underneath each question. This is fantastic because students can listen to or read an appropriate model for “how” to answer the question. Sometimes an appropriate expansion of utterance can turn the key of expressive language for some students.

Drag and drop the pictures to answer 3 questions

This level gives you the opportunity to answer 3 related questions. What’s great is that you are able to drag and drop the pictures to the correct question. This is a great activity to expand language for some of our students. For example, in this picture you can model responses such as “A good time to gather leaves is in the fall,” “We use a rake to gather leaves,” and “ Leaves fall from trees.”

Answer the WH question

What’s excellent about this level is the multiple choice options for the single question. Once again, models abound for the student who might be expressively challenged. All options can be spoken aloud by the app as well.

Overall, “WH” Questions is a great app for working on questions with our students. It gives a lot of models, and allows teachers/therapists to model expressive language so that our students may expand their responses. Data is collected within 10 trials; although the app does not store it natively, it’s quickly accessible for other data collection sources (notebook, Notes app within iPad). I highly recommend checking it out!

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