2 apps that I am using this week (5/22–5/26)

2 apps that I am using this week (5/22–5/26)

I don’t know if you have had the chance to check out the apps put out by Tiny Bop, but they are out of this world. I cannot begin to describe all of the aspects of language that can be worked on within these “games,” but they are excellent examples of when “fun” can be easily changed into “work.”

Robot Factory is outstanding for working on sequencing. Children get a lot of reinforcement by changing from part to part (i.e.; pick a head, pick some eyes, pick a color). In the end they get to play with their robot and figure out if it works.

I had a student this week who taught me about leg and arm positions, and whether they would work. Although the creation of robots is pretty “sandbox,” “open-ended,” or “free-form,” there are still some rules!

When you combine Robot Factory with Book Creator, you now have a perfect match! You can sequence the steps to make a robot and represent them in book form for sharing with teachers, parents, and even friends!

I stumbled upon Book Creator and was ecstatic when I found out all you can do with it. The real benefits of this app are evident in a classroom setting, especially when you can have students demonstrate knowledge in a variety of areas. If this sounds interesting to you (as an SLP or educator), you should check out their Twitter feed. Endless posts about all of the possibilities can be found there!

Check out the shots a student and I out together last week. I am planning on expanding to some of my groups. Imagine the mixture of all of the children’s ideas together in one robot. Super fun and engaging, and no one thinks they are doing “work!”

We’ve got our arms and legs- now when it is represented in Book Creator we can put in our transition phrases and develop some expressive language too!

We picked out a cool font, and as you can see my student made sure to insert some of his thoughts. He felt as though the set up of the arms was not perfect, but it worked out okay when trying the robot out!

When it gets down to it, apps from Tiny Bop really blend learning and fun seamlessly. Their whole span of games are worth the money and the time to check out.

In the future, you will see more ways that Book Creator can be used in speech/language and small group work, but for now, it is a great a medium for expressive language, sequence skills, and fun!

Are there any apps that you like to use for sequencing or expressive language? Any apps that leverage games for goals? Email me at danrfitch@gmail.com, and follow www.everythingislanguage.com for more tips and tricks!

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