An app that I am using this week (5/15-5/19)

An app that I am using this week (5/15-5/19)

Articulation Station Pro is my go-to app for group and individual work in the school. While this app is likely familiar to many SLPs in the field, there are a few features that I think make this app stand out.

Initially, the app lacked these features and updates in the last year or so have made it much more comprehensive and wide-reaching in it’s use (at least for me!). While traditional flash cards or worksheets have their time and place (mostly in notebooks if you ask me), apps or digital versions of articulation/phonology work help make these activities much more engaging for kids.

Phrases are a really important building block for me when I am working with kids. We can get isolated sounds, we can get single words, but that jump to short phrases can be a real game changer. I love that the folks at Little Bee Speech added those phrases.

Check out the interface in the phrase page- talk about engaging! Kids love the spinner feature, and if I do have a little one who gets a little silly with it, I can lock the button on one side if needed. Of course, the built in data collection is there. While it is helpful for me to keep a running tally over the course of a session, I don’t save my data in the app, instead I opt for recording it in the student’s data chart.

The addition of phonological processes has been incredibly helpful for some of students. It allows me to target some wholistic challenges for intelligibility while keeping it within the familiarity of the app. While minimal pairs are not readily available, it is still a benefit to have processes addressed in the app. Also, the matching game feature is available here too!

So many of my students, whether group or individual really get a kick out of this feature. You can be mildly competitive with it, and also get a lot of reps in for your kids. I love to challenge my individual students to get more matches than me- it really adds fun to working in articulation/phonology- kids love to beat their teachers!

All in all, Articulation Station Pro is a comprehensive articulation and phonology app that has multiple uses for group and individual sessions. While there are many features, the phrases, phonological processes, and matching games make this app engaging and effective for all of my students.

Are there any other apps or materials that you like to help improve intelligibility for your students? Email me at! Keep following this page, or for other tech tips!

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