2 apps that I am using this week…

2 apps that I am using this week…

(Tap each button to mark syllables or single words- might be as good as using an egg carton!)

It it is fantastic for helping with slowing rate of speech to help children with fluency issues. I have found it helpful for articulation as well because it allows children to slow down and focus on production of their target sounds.

A great part is the open-ended questions that are embedded with the app, it really makes it easy to develop some expressive language while also targeting rate of speech.

(Pull the slider to increase the time per button)

The best part is the ability to slow the time delay. Some of my children like to “play” with it because they like doing using REALLY slow speech for fun.

The adjustable time is also excellent because it allows you to teach the way different rates of speech can affect your intelligibility. By modeling different rates, you can develop the auditory awareness for some children. Even more, you can have children “try” out different ways of speaking to feel some “control” over their speech!

I love to hide the target words and have children work on developing their open-ended expressive language. What’s really powerful is when you transcribe responses in individual sessions and have the children compare their response versus the target words.

While the color cues are helpful, I only use them for my children with the biggest challenges in grammar. I like to take the cues out to really get a good idea of how the kids understand grammar usage.

The auditory feedback can be really helpful for some of my kids, and it will collect data for individual users as well. Depending on how I am setting up a session, I will use my transcription and make notations for the children’s responses.

While it works great in individuals, Rainbow Sentences is great in groups.

  • Break the word groupings up, and you can have children take turns putting the sentences together.
  • Have each student verbalize a response and then compare it to the target words too!

(See the number of words for Level 3? Sentences can get complex in this app!)

Try these apps out with your students this week!

Are there any apps or tech resources that you like more than these? Have any success with these apps? Contact me at danrfitch@gmail.com; I’d love to hear from you!

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